Benefits of Preventive Dental Care in Children

Preventive dental care is the most hassle-free way of keeping your child’s smile bright and healthy throughout their lives. It’s crucial to care for baby teeth as their health may impact the development of permanent teeth.

A common misconception is that primary teeth do not really merit attention as they will fall out anyway. What most people forget is the effect unhealthy teeth can have on their child later in life and how big of an expense that can be. Below are four good reasons why preventive care should be mandatory for all kids.

It introduces them to oral hygiene education

Oral hygiene is the best way to prevent cavities, gum disease and other oral infections in your child without putting any effort into it. Dr. Normand Bach, a reputable orthodontist, asserts that a professional can educate you on the best routine methods and get your child to see why it is necessary. You should consider taking this step if this is your first child and are not sure about the right oral hygiene routine for kids.

Early detection of cavities and infections

Teeth cleaning and dental exam sessions are important not only in removing plaque and preventing bacterial infections but also in detecting early signs of decay and cavities. Dentists typically examine the child’s mouth using special tools to check for any dental problems waiting to happen. This ensures your child receives treatment as early as possible, usually before the issue develops further, spreads to other mouthparts or gets more complicated.

It improves your child’s appearance

Parents are advised to take their children to a dentist or dental hygienists for teeth cleaning at least once every six months. These appointments help remove plaque and tartar from the surface of teeth, removing the yellowish hue and improving your child’s smile.

Teeth-whitening is a separate procedure from this, but the results of either procedure are virtually equal as regards appearance. Bear in mind, an improved smile from teeth cleaning only comes as a spinoff advantage, meaning you’re not actually paying for it.

It protects your child’s teeth from physical damage

Fear of injury should never stop any child from getting involved in sports and other physical activities. Pediatric practices offer mouth guards to children who are at an increased risk for physical injuries. Your child will receive a custom mouth guard that fits their exact teeth alignment to ensure they’re protected as they engage in athletic competitions and practices.

What to expect in a preventive dental care appointment

A typical preventive dental care appointment can be pretty long and comprehensive. It usually starts with an examination followed by professional cleaning to scour off dirt from the teeth and under the gum line. Special equipment including a small mirror, a scaler, an electric toothbrush, and grainy toothpaste may all be used during the procedure.

Your child’s teeth will also be flossed, and x-ray scans conducted to check for cavities and signs of oral cancer.

Some dentists may also offer fluoride treatments towards the end of the appointment. Fluoride is painted on teeth using a small brush or Q-tip.

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