Give Affordable Green Gifts This Year

Is there any better feeling than finding the right gift for someone in your life? If you’re eco-conscious or giving to someone who cares about the environment, tries to reduce their plastic or food waste, or tries to live more mindfully, green gifts are great.

How do you find the right green gift? There are a few criteria you want to make sure your gift hits:

1: Make it Useful – A lot of gifts out there are little more than single taskers, products that do one specialized thing and spend most of their time taking up room in the cupboard or the drawer. Useful gifts are the ones that you rely on almost every day.

2: Make it Meaningful – Do you know about value-aligned companies? More businesses today are aligning themselves with goals to make the world a better place. Find a company that reflects your values or those of the gift recipient.

3: Make it Durable – If you’re going to buy a gift that will occupy its own space in someone’s home, make sure it’s durable. Green gifts are long-lasting.

4: Make it Consumable – On the other hand, if you know someone who loves keeping their homes clutter-free and minimalist, you might want to consider a consumable. Buy them a gift they can eat or drink, like fair trade coffee or chocolate, that they won’t feel any guilt about getting rid of.

Need an example of a green gift? Reusable food wraps are a low-cost gift that you can give for any occasion. They make great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts, hostess gifts, gifts for teachers, housewarming gifts. The list goes on and on. And at a price point similar to a bottle of wine, reusable food wraps from Abeego replace a tired gift idea with something that will keep on giving. Giving green gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. Affordably-priced green gifts can also be long-lasting. Beeswax reusable food wraps can last longer than a year if they’re washed in cold water.

As a gift or in your own home, reusable food wraps offer many benefits including:

  • Food that breathes. Beeswax food wraps were designed to imitate the way a natural peel or rind preserves the food inside. Whereas plastic wrap traps air in the food it contains, beeswax food wraps let the food breathe, meaning you unwrap fresher, better tasting food.
  • Less waste. Beeswax food wraps can last over a year with cold water washing and replace plastic and container use.
  • You can use beeswax reusable food wraps to carry a sandwich for lunch – it clings to itself, and you can tie it up with string. (REMOVE you don’t typically tie Abeego with a string.) add something about it doubling as placement.

Reusable food wraps are just one of many green gift ideas you can give, but they’re bound to last and they can change your relationship to food. The people in your life who are concerned about the environment, local food, waste, and healthy eating will all appreciate green gifts that are given with thought and care.

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