Tips To Succeed Being a Stay At Home Parent That Works From Home

Companies are beginning to allow more employees to work from home for a variety of reasons. This has in turn increased those people that are stay at home parents that also have to work during some part of the day. Working with an infant or a toddler at home can seem like an impossible task as it seems that they need constant attention. This is going to take time to figure out which routine is going to work best for you without sacrificing your quality of work or quality of care for your child/children. The following are a few tips to help succeed while being a stay at home parent that also has professional obligations.

Start Early

Starting your work day as early as possible when everyone is still asleep can allow you to get a few unbothered hours of work in. Make sure you are completing tasks that are more difficult to deal with if the kids need something or dinner has to be prepared. Late night working after the kids have gone to bed can also be done but this can lead to negative attitude about work as you went through an entire day and you still have work to be done.

Get Family To Help During Part Of The Day

Enlisting the help of a teen to help take care of certain chores or their siblings can be a huge help. Family members like grandparents might be able to come over a few times a week to watch the kids while you get some work done. This can even be done to help you transport the kids to their different obligations. Looking into getting a nanny can be a help as well as you will not have to worry about your children’s safety with this stranger as you will be home working. Nanny cams have made it easier than ever to detect abuse of any kind whether it is verbal or physical.

Appointments Should Be Made During Lunch

Try to line up appointments during your lunch break as you should be taking one anyway. Finding a family dentist like the one at can allow you to visit the dentist as a family to knock it out in one afternoon. Working from home allows you to be flexible but avoid places that do not respect your appointment time as it cuts into your work day. Before making any appointments take a look at reviews for a practice or doctor to make sure they are prompt as doctors that are constantly late are sure to have a myriad of poor reviews.

Meal Prep

Meal prepping can allow you to get more done during the day as the kids can simply go into the fridge if they want food that is already cooked. This also allows you to relax during your lunch instead of scrambling around cooking, cleaning, and eating. Take the time to have a few easy meals to prepare so even if you worked all day, your significant other and kids can still come home to a hot dinner.

Working from home with kids is all about planning and being proactive about getting things done. Lack of motivation is a recipe for disaster so do whatever it takes to stay as motivated as you can.

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