Useful Baby Hacks for the First-Time Mom

You think you know, but you have no idea (as people would say).

You may read up and study stuff like baby nutrition guides or the early growth and development milestones checklists, but nothing can truly prepare you for what you are about to go through.

Being a first-time parent is really hard. It doesn’t really become less work the following times around, but at least, you’re no longer as clueless as the first time. You would have also picked up some hacks that make some things simpler and easier.

Words to the Wise New Mom

Take it from veteran moms who had to experience a bunch of “Eureka!” moments before they started doing things more efficiently. Having been there and done that, they are happy to give advice for first time mothers that would allow the latter to cope better with the demands of motherhood. Here are some tried and proven tips for new moms.

1.Wait about five minutes after the initial poop before changing the baby.

Babies aren’t always done after the first explosion. Waiting will likely prevent the possibility of them pooping while being changed or of them soiling their fresh diaper.

2.Use two layers of bedding.

It basically means mattress protector, sheet, another mattress protector, and another sheet. Use this layering for your bed, where you’re likely to often put the baby down a lot, and for the crib.

In case there are leaks, all you have to do is strip off the top two layers and, voila, a fresh sheet. You don’t always have the energy or the time to change beddings right after an accident, so doing this saves you the trouble.

3.Set up multiple changing stations throughout the house.

It would come in super handy to have changing paraphernalia in various areas of your home that the baby frequents. This spares you the hassle of having to bring the baby to that one official changing table every time a diaper change is necessary.

4.Pull soiled onesie down off the baby.

Those envelope folds along the neckline have their purpose, and that’s so you can pull it down instead of over the head. Sometimes pee and poop leak onto the onesie. Pulling down means that there’s no chance of the soiled portion touching your baby’s face or hair.

5.Vacuum seal diapers before putting them in the bag.

Diapers are super bulky and take up a lot of room in an already bulging diaper bag. Vacuum sealing them sufficiently flattens them and makes them more portable.

6. Always have extra diapers and wipes stashed in your car.

There are times when the diapers in the bag will run out or you simply will forget to pack any. It’s good to have your car stash to fall back on. Make sure you replace outgrown diapers with the right size accordingly.

7.Pack a change of clothes for yourself in the diaper bag.

A dress that you can easily ball up and then shake out is best so it doesn’t take much room.  Babies will get you dirty with spit-ups and other even more unsavory messes, so it’s prudent to have extra clothes for yourself just in case.

8.Pack plastic bags as well.

This is for when your baby ends up soiling their and your clothes so you can put the dirty clothes in a plastic bag, separate from the other contents of the diaper bag.

9. Hang extra bibs on a stick-on hook at the back of the high chair.

Sometimes it’s a hassle to go all the way to the baby’s dresser to get a bib, so it’s convenient to have some handy right where the feeding happens.

10. Use a mesh bag when washing and drying baby socks and mittens.

You’re probably already familiar with the washer and dryer anomaly about missing socks. There’s even a meme going around social media about missing socks from the drier coming back as extra Tupperware lids.

You don’t want to be left wondering what happened to the other sock or mitten, so use a mesh laundry bag when washing and drying them.

Practical Tips

First-time moms need all the help and hacks they can get. Being a new mom, a postpartum one at that, can be overwhelming, so do what you can to make your life a bit easier. These are all useful tips that are guaranteed to work when you apply them.

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