Possibility of getting pregnant while you are using contraceptive pills

In earlier times our grandparents were traveling far away distances searching for home made contraceptive. Fortunately, nowadays we get them easier in our nearest medical institutions. Although  majority of  people are taking contraceptive pills but they are lacking knowledge of how and when to use them. This has affected most of us mentally,  emotional, social and physical.

Today some  womens  are constantly beaten and abused by their husbands because of the pregnancy they got while they were taking contraceptive pills. This may also leads to divorce. They even got rejected by the society and  called by hurtful names. Of course it’s not easy for man to understand and accept the unwanted pregnancy. However, they must be taught advantages and disadvantages of using contraceptive pills so that when their spouses  get unwanted pregnancy while using birth control pills, they will not be confused. As partners you must also learn to build trust and avoid cheating  in our relationships so that  when the contraceptive pills fails they will be no doubt.

Only abstinence is 100 % effective. The contraceptive pills is basically a hormone shot that changes the condition of your uterus, cervix and tubes. Despite of having a high success rate they can fail and you can get pregnant. They are 99 % effective meaning that you should take them according to the prescription without missing a dose. Skipping a dose leads to dropping quickly of hormones. It may cause you to ovulate and ovulation can increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Birth control pill are designed to maintain a constant level in your body. You should make sure that you take them at the correct time.

They are many things that may cause failure on using contraceptive pills. These include mixing of medications especially antibiotics, reckless alcohol consumption, diarrhea and vomiting. Taking another medication or supplement at the same time as your birth control pills can also affect the pills’s effectiveness. When you vomit too soon after taking your pill, your body may not be able to absorb any of the hormones. Likewise if you have diarhea you can’t absorb pills. Visiting a physician before using any contraceptive is the best because  they will recommend the birth control pills  that suits you.

When the contraceptive pills happen to fail, you may notice earliest symptoms of pregnancy .These signs occur in various ways. Sometimes you  feel dizzy , fatigue, morning and  sickness tiredness.  You may also have slightly bleeding known as implantation bleeding and headache. Headache usually may be increased blood circulation caused by hormonal changes. When you notice those signs, you must rush to the doctor or do some tests.

Taking contraceptive pills into early pregnancy will not hurt the baby. However, it may be a possibility of early delivery and low birth rate. We should  study so hard about using contraceptive pills so that our homes and society will be a better place. Let’s also  advise and encourage  our friends and families to use the contraceptive pills as prescribed.

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