Baby diapers: how to buy a diaper?

The number of baby diaper brands literally explodes. It seems that not a day goes by without a new brand appearing. And after completing a pregnancy, small hassle begins with the purchase of baby diapers. If you want to buy best diapers for newborns, this article will be of great help to you. How to choose the right ones for such a wide choice? This quick guide will probably help you to buy your baby diapers with ease.

What is the baby diaper and its different types

The diaper is an accessory used to change the baby. It is intended to replace traditional diapers that were still in use until the early 1990s. Diapers can be disposable or reusable, and are almost always made up of 2 main parts:

  • A waterproof part made of plastic, or polyester, virgin wool and even polyurethane.
  • A part composed of cellulose and chemical gel (disposable models) or cotton fabric, bamboo or hemp (reusable versions).

It seems that the layers have a very long history, since ancient peoples in Asia or Europe already made them for their children. The first industrial layers were manufactured in 1961 by Procter and Gamble. Today, there are several types of diapers for babies.

The types of diapers for babies:

Before buying a baby diaper, did you know that baby diapers are divided into 3 main categories?

  • The washable diaper: Washable diaperis made with soft fabric and includes an absorbent part that needs to be cleaned regularly and a paper veil so we get rid after the baby’s stool. The key is held tight with a velcro strap. Cheap washable diapers are more and more appreciated.
  • The classic disposable diaper: This layer ismade with synthetic fleece and has two adhesive strips that help to close it. It is convenient to put on, and must be thrown in a suitable bin after use. These layers are probably the most used, but also the most criticized because of their impact on nature, because they pollute enormously. These layers are sometimes irritating because their manufacture requires the use of several chemicals, unlike cheap washable diapers.
  • The ecological disposable diaper: Beforethe avalanche of complaints that accompanies the marketing of conventional disposable diapers, manufacturers are investing in this organic layer par excellence. Like the previous ones, they contain synthetic veil, but the materials come from ecological forests and do not include any perfumes or dyes. This layer like the previous one keeps the buttocks of the baby dry. Here’s what to know before buying baby diapers online or in pharmacies.

How to choose the most suitable baby diaper?

Buying a cheap baby diaper should not be your priority because health is priceless. However, be aware that baby diapers do not cost that much. If you are sensitive to the nature protection argument, the ecological layers are probably what you need.

Think for example that your baby uses more than a ton of dirty diapers between 0 and 2 years! In addition, these layers break down slowly, sometimes after 300 years! Disposable models, on the other hand, break down faster and do not need to cut as many trees as for conventional disposable diapers! Visit our TheBabySide blog to get more help for choosing best diapers for your baby.

If, on the other hand, you are concerned above all about having functional and useful layers, the classic disposable diaper will suit you. Of single use, this cheap baby diaper is easy to use.

The washable diapers are not very effective, although some models stand out clearly. It is often necessary to put on more protective pants. On the other hand, washable diapers are probably the most ecological, and are available in various colors. It is wise to use washable diapers from birth, since they stay wet when wet and can interfere with a baby used to other diapers. Basically, do not mix washable and non-washable diapers. Discuss with your wife, your family doctor and depending on your experience, adopt a diaper from the birth of the child. Personally, I do not recommend washable diapers, but it all depends on you.




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