Five Pest Control Myths

Are you having pest problems in your business or home? You don’t have to waste a lot of time on trap ideas or repellents that don’t work. Its wise to take a quick action in guarding your business or home from more invasion because it may lead to more damage. The most ineffective thing is that there are several ineffective DIY methods and old wives’ tales across the social media and internet. Here are some of the pest control tips that will help us put these misconceptions at rest.

  1. A Home That Is Cleanly Kept Will Not Have bugs and Mice

Even though it is very important to maintain an immaculate home, it will only reduce these vermin challenges but not guarantee you maximum elimination. For instance, bedbugs are available everywhere from low-end hotels to upscale homes. The reason is that bedbugs are not attracted by garbage, clutter or dirt but blood.  Therefore, you can expect bedbugs anywhere people are sleeping or living. Therefore, bedbugs will get into your home whether it is clean or dirty. You can bring bugs to your home from movie theaters, libraries, nursing homes, hotels, and many more. The top ten spots for bedbug infestation can really shock you. However, a dirty household is more susceptible to bed bug infections because they provide a hiding place for them. The other undesirable pest that thrives even in clean conditions is the mice. Therefore, keep your home clean but be sure there can still be some pests.

  1. Professional Pest Control Treatments are Harmful

Using harsh chemicals to control pests is a thing of the past. In places where strong chemicals must be used, Elevate Pest Control employ health and safety precautions that will make sure that your family is not at risk. Most of the modern treatments are harmful to the pests but safe to your family and the environment at large. The target of these modern techniques is to eliminate the pests without affecting the environment. You can use these services without posing any threat to the environment and other home users.

  1. You Cannot See Bedbugs by Visible Eyes

You can easily see adult bedbugs with your naked eyes. The only challenge is that these are nocturnal creatures that stay in the hideouts during the day and get out at night. Therefore, you can see bedbugs with your eyes as long as you get to their hiding places.

  1. Ultrasonic Repellents as Deterrents

The design of ultra-high frequency sound waves allows them to drive away vermin. This idea sounds great but the challenge is that manufacturers are yet to support their products. They need to provide scientific evidence that support these claims.

Only Consult a Professional Exterminator When There is a Problem

Don’t think that a problem will clear up by itself. Your business or home could already be infested immediately you realize there are signs of pests. Do not wait until the problem is worse before you seek professional advice. You need to contact the professional with immediate effect.


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