How to Teach Your Kids To Pass Any Exam

As a Mum with a teenager daughter, one of the biggest challenges that I have had in recent years is encouraging my daughter to study when she has an exam coming up. Despite the fact that my daughter is incredibly bright, she seems to be somewhat allergic to studying and it has taken much trial and error to find a study method that actually works for her and gets her sitting down with her head in the books.

As a result of so much trial and error, I feel as though we have the perfect system for studying and whilst everyone may be different, I wanted to share with you the approach to study that we use, and that has worked well for us so far. And so whether you teenager is studying for their SATS or studying for their DMV written test, here are some great tips to help them to study better and ace that exam.


Before a single book has even been opened, the best way to approach upcoming studies is to create a schedule. A schedule is especially important if your child is studying for multiple subjects at the same time. You should make a study schedule that is hard yet achievable and both you and your children should have a copy so that you know exactly when study time should be.


Flashcards are a great tool for learning and they can really help to cement knowledge into your child’s mind. In order to put the flashcards together they will first need to pore over their subject and highlight important points and key learnings which will then be added to the flashcards. Your child can create paper flashcards or better yet they can download a flashcard application which means that wherever they are, they can simply open their phone and learn.

Healthy Approach

You child should be sleeping well, eating well and drinking lots of water during their study time as the health of your child has a direct impact on the brain’s capacity to absorb information. As the parent, make sure that you are the one who is pushing for this as when you are knee deep in study, it is not always something that is uppermost in your mind.


If your kids are anything like mine they will have a bedroom full of tech gadgets and instead of removing these when they are studying, you should look to use them. For example, your child could leave audio messages for themselves which they can listen to on the go, they can download podcasts about their subject and they could check out videos of tutorials online as well. You must police this however as it will be easy for them to get distracted by their phone or tablet.


One of the most important areas of study is recapping what has been learned and if you want to ensure that your child is remembering the stuff that they are learning about, you should be giving them pop quizzes and challenges, just to make sure that they have fully embedded the knowledge.


Don’t leave your child to their own devices as they could easily get distracted, instead you should be able to see where they are and what they are doing when they are studying. Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time and you should be enforcing and inspiring your child in equal measure so that they are in the best possible position to pass their exam.

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