Parents Can Be Bad With Money – Here’s What To Do

If your now-retired parents unwittingly worked themselves into a seemingly insurmountable debt, you may find it necessary to help them balance their finances. No doubt, as a younger person trying to take control of your budding career and start your own family this may put an unreasonable amount of stress on your own bank account. With this unexpected role-reversal, in which you are now caring for your caregivers, in the most fundamental, material way,it is now necessary that you make use of a few tips and tricks to ensure you don’t doom your own finances while helping fix theirs.

If you’re not careful, paying all the bills to simply keep your parents afloat can put you in a detrimental – if not severe – position, in which you can no longer afford to take care of yourself or build a future for your own family. Self-sacrifice, as we all know, is an important aspect of caregiving. Here, then, are a few tips that can allow you to be helpful without going overboard when fiscally assisting your elderly parents.

Take On Additional Work

Whether you’re taking on more responsibilities at your current job or hoping to find an additional position altogether, this option can be quite time-consuming. In this sense, it’s important to try and make your commutebetween multiple jobs as convenient as possible, lest you overwork yourself into a state of illness. If this happens, no work can get done and your depleted body will, simultaneously, drain your bank account. Fortunately, with online work more widely available in our screen-driven age, it’s easier to balance a handful of positions at a single time. Consider adding a side-hustle, or an online freelancing gig, to your regular 9–5.

Loan Installment Plans

When you’re helping others with debt, you won’t have a lot of expendable cash to cover on the fun stuff. As for the less-fun things — things like household and car repairs or unexpected bills — there may not be enough left over to cover these financial upsets.

If you’re in a particularly difficult spot, don’t rule out a short term loan. These financial products provide an easy and convenient bridge between your paycheck and your responsibilities, making it so that you don’t have to delay a necessary car repair on the vehicle you use to get to work every day.

When time is of the essence, consider checking in with an online direct lender like MoneyKey. Online direct lenders share a streamlined borrowing experience that’s faster and easier than what you’d go through with the bank. Traditional banks often have tedious processes that can slow down your loan. To avoid the stress of waiting on necessary cash, go to for a quick solution to your personal finance deficit.

Sell! Sell! Sell!

If you have unused items of clothing or dusty pieces of furniture laying around your home, sell them off as quickly as possible. Hosting a garage sale could be productive in this regard. Alternatively, bartering services like Bunz Trading Zone – which are gaining momentum across North America in major metropolitan areas – can significantly help you cut down on the costs of everyday items. Some users are willing to deal in gift cards, if you’re looking for something closer to monetary compensation rather than trading.

No matter how bad your parents’ debts may be, it’s truly wonderful to be able to help them out, no matter the cost or inconvenience involved. But with this in mind, it’s important to ensure you’re able to maintain a comfortable flow of income, and ultimately prioritize your family. By following a few of these above tips, you should be able to manage debts across generations with little to no trouble.

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