Surrogate motherhood – world experience

Surrogate motherhood was known since the time of Plutarch and Ancient Rome. Infertile spouses could take wives from consonant husbands for a conceiving a child. A born baby was considered the legitimate child of a married couple, and not a child of a “courier” who was carrying it.

In ancient times, Jewish men in case of infertility of the wife resorted to the help of concubines. Those gave born child to the owner, but the newborn from the outset fell into the hands of his legitimate wife. Thus, the woman were showing her parental rights and desire to recognize him as her own child.

Surrogate motherhood of this type was especially common in Egypt. There, many rich and aristocratic families have used “services” of their servants like that. It is not surprising that because of the absence of present technologies, insemination (fertilization) took place in a traditional way. 

World history of modern surrogate motherhood 

Modern variety of this ART became possible only after IVF development. Scientists were almost immediately interested in opportunity of transfer of embryo obtained by artificially insemination into the organism of other women that is not genetic mother of embryo.

The first successful surrogate mother was 37-year-old American Elizabeth Kane in 1980. It is interesting that nowadays a woman can become a surrogate mother only up to 37 years old. The client of the surrogate services was infertile woman, as she had obstructed the fallopian tubes. She signed a contract with Elizabeth. Kane agreed to IVF procedure with the sperm of the client’s wife, and after the transfer of the child received a material reward.

Noteworthy fact. Kane at the time of participation in the program already had three children of her own. Today a candidate for the role of a surrogate mother can have only one or two babies. 

Surrogate Motherhood in Ukraine 

For the first time, the surrogate motherhood program in Ukraine (and throughout the post-Soviet union) was implemented in the mid-1990s in Kharkov The “client” had an inborn absence of the uterus. Her own mother became a surrogate mother for her! The woman successfully carried the child to her daughter and in this way became both “mother” and grandmother.

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