The 7 Grounds for Divorce in Houston

Divorce can be a very traumatic experience for both partners, especially when not handled properly. It is not just distressing emotionally and mentally, but it can also be exhausting physically and financially. It is a process that most people tend to avoid but at times becomes inescapable. There are also different divorce laws per state. It is advisable to learn the divorce laws of your state before proceeding to save time and to make the process easier generally. If you are a resident of Texas, you are familiar with its variation from national laws. The best way to proceed is to find a competitive divorce attorney Houston TX to aid you and complete the proceedings of your divorce, hiring a good one will ensure that everything will go smooth and will lessen the stress on you. But before even filing for divorce, it is best to know the grounds by which you can present the separation.

The No-Fault Divorce

It is the most famous grounds for divorce not just in Texas but the entire country. No-fault divorce means that the couple has irreconcilable differences. The relationship can no longer be repairable by any means, and the only solution available is to separate. It is also the most straightforward form since both parties are in agreement and it’s just a matter of signing the divorce papers and coming to terms and conditions when it comes to conjugal properties and child support.


This ground may be considered common but is difficult to prove. For this to be a valid reason, there should be a solid proof of the adultery committed or being committed and supporting evidence should also be present.

Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse includes any form of cruelty done by one or both partners may it be physically or emotionally to the point that it is no longer possible for them to cohabitate.


This ground is valid when the spouse leaves the partner wholly and intentionally abandoning the family in all forms for at least one year. It means that he never showed up and they haven’t heard from him for that length of time.

No Cohabitation

It is somehow similar to abandonment but is considered to be a lot simpler. The only basis for this is when spouses live separately for at least three years for any reason they have.

Felony Conviction

A felony conviction may only be considered as a valid ground if a spouse has been convicted of a crime and is in prison for at least a year in a federal or state prison. You should not have testified in court for his conviction for that particular case.

Psychiatric Confinement

It is considered to be a reason if the spouse was proven to have irreparable mental problems and confined in a psychiatric hospital during the time you filed for divorce.

Having a background on these grounds as mentioned earlier should help you decide on the path to take in filing for divorce through the help of your divorce lawyer. It will also aid you in communicating your desires to your attorney before filing for divorce.

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